Degree Outcomes

Students earning an associate degree will complete coursework within their program of choice that meets learning outcomes in the following areas:

  • Consider other contexts and viewpoints 
  • Communicate with clarity and accuracy
  • Apply solutions and ideas

Specifically, students explore the following:

Consider other contexts and viewpoints

  • What are my ethical and cultural starting points?
  • What are the health and safety implications?
  • What are the ethical implications?
  • What are the cultural, business, social, or historical implications?

Communicate with clarity and accuracy

  • Can I demonstrate discipline-specific oral communication?
  • Can I demonstrate discipline-specific written communication?
  • Can I use foundational communication skills like information literacy and methods of a persuasive argument?
  • Can I use industry-specific technologies to communicate?

Apply solutions and ideas

  • Can I solve problems?
  • Can I use interconnected theories, ideas, or concepts to create or explore ideas?
  • Can I interact, engage, or work with others to enhance my learning or career opportunities?