Student Appeals

CWI strives to provide a positive experience for students and guests of the College. Occasionally issues arise that need to be brought to the attention of the appropriate department. Student Success Advisors can listen to students’ concerns and help them understand the steps necessary to review and address exceptions or concerns.

Academic Policy or Requirement Appeal

An appeal of an academic policy, requirement, or deadline will be reviewed by the academic record appeals committee. Relevant documentation of the extenuating circumstances or undue hardship will be required and the timeliness of the appeal will also be considered. This detailed information is available in the Student Handbook Section 3.5.

Note: Any student has the right to appeal admission and scholastic regulations. All written appeals must be submitted to the respective CWI official(s).

Conduct Appeal

Students who are found responsible for either an academic or non-academic conduct policy violation may appeal as outlined in their student conduct decision letter. The procedures for these appeals are available in the Student Handbook; see Section 1.6 and Section 3 for more information.

Note: The conduct appeal process must be completed and submitted within three (3) business days after receipt of the decision letter.

Grade Appeal

Any student may appeal a grade that they feel is in error through the grade-appeal process. The entire grade-appeal process is focused on fairness for students and faculty. There are specific guidelines and procedures that must be followed in each grade appeal. This detailed information is available in the Student Handbook Section 3.2.

Note: The grade-appeal process must be started and formally submitted no later than 30 calendar days after grades have been posted.