Administration and Support Services

Gordon Jones President 208.562.3200
Janice McGehee Executive Assistant to the President 208.562.3163
Denise Aberle-Cannata Provost, Instruction and Student Services 208.562.3218
Craig Brown Executive Vice President, Operations 208.562.3412
Kenneth J. Kline Vice President, Finance and Administration 208.562.3299
Ryan Herring Vice President, Human Resources 208.562.3227
Emily Tetz Vice President, Marketing 208.562.2278
Christi Gilchrist Assistant Vice President, Economic Development 208.562.2710
Tyler Brown Assistant Vice President, Enrollment and Student Services 208.562.2031
Michael Chacon Chief Information Officer 208.562.2089
Mary Jo Hayes Comptroller 208.562.3329
Courtney Colby Bond Dean, Center for Teaching and Learning 208.562.3084
Justin Vance Dean, School of Arts and Humanities 208.562.3449
Aaron von Lindern Dean, School of Health 208.562.3322
Pat Neal Dean, School of Industry, Engineering, and Trades 208.562.2336
Kae Jensen Dean, School of Science, Technology, and Math 208.562.3336
Kris Smerick Dean, School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs 208.562.3153
Luis Caloca Dean, Student Access 208.562.3396
Chad Trisler Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator 208.562.2106
Connie Black Registrar 208.562.3252
Audrey Eldridge Executive Director, Communications and Marketing 208.562.3509
Stephen Crumrine Executive Director, Dual Credit and College Readiness 208.562.3172
Jeff Flynn Executive Director, Facilities Planning and Management 208.562.3220
Jennifer Colley Executive Director, Human Resources 208.562.3158
Alexis Malepeai-Rhodes Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness 208.562.3505
Jac Webb Director, Adult Education 208.562.2063
Erica Compton Director, Advising 208.562.2546
Michael Jensen Director, CWI Foundation 208.562.3160
Jeneé Snyder Executive Director, Financial Aid 208.562.3335
Kim Leeder Reed Executive Director, Learning Commons 208.562.3114
Marc Swinney Director, WD Business and Manufacturing Programs 208.562.2739
Melissa Dilley Director, WD Health Programs 208.562.2703
Amber Eubanks Assistant Director, Student Engagement and Success 208.562.2416
Gina Ferguson Associate Controller 208.562.3182
Jennifer Miller Manager, Math Solutions Center 208.562.2112