Heavy Equipment Technician

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Program Description

The Heavy Equipment Technician program covers the theory, service, diagnosis, and repair of heavy equipment found in the agricultural and construction industries. Students are offered entry into the program at the beginning of the fall semester.

Prior to registering in HTEC 102, students must attend a program orientation. This will be an informative session to let prospective students know what is required in the Heavy Equipment Technician program. All students in this program must submit to a drug and alcohol test at the beginning of the program and random testing during the year at their own expense. See program web page or department chair for additional information regarding this policy.

The Heavy Equipment Technician program is a two-part program. The first part covers basic theory and repair procedures and emphasizes a hands-on approach with extensive training on functional training aids and equipment. All courses are oriented toward high levels of technical understanding to support skills required for entry-level placement in the heavy equipment technician job market. In addition to technical course training, related instruction courses enable students to develop interpersonal skills needed to advance within the heavy equipment technology service industry. Students completing the first-year technical and related instruction courses will receive an Intermediate Technical Certificate.

The second part includes advanced discussion related to troubleshooting and diagnostic procedures in the classroom and in the shop environment. Diagnosis and repair procedures on equipment enable students to develop the skill levels required for advanced entry-level placement in the heavy equipment technology industry. Students completing the first and second parts of the program will receive an Advanced Technical Certificate. While completing the Advanced Technical Certificate students may choose to take additional general education courses in order to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree.

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The Heavy Equipment Technician program is fully accredited by the Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) Foundation.

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