Placement Testing

English Placement

All incoming students who have not taken a college-level English course from a regionally accredited school must take the CWI Write Class Placement (WCP) exam before they can register for any English (ENGL) course at CWI. The exam uses multiple measures (such as GPA, standardized test scores, and self-assessment) to direct students into the appropriate English course for their skill level. The WCP is taken online by the student, at their own pace. Students may be placed into ENGL 101 Writing and Rhetoric I Plus (ENGL 101P with companion course ENGL 100 Writing and Rhetoric Plus), or ENGL 101. Students who demonstrate advanced skills will be invited to apply for placement into ENGL 102 Writing and Rhetoric II. Students may choose to take ENGL 101 Plus even if they place into a higher course.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Placement

For students who speak English as a learned language, CWI uses the Write Class Placement exam to determine whether placement in an English as a Second Language course is in the student's best interest. These courses are specially designed to meet these students’ needs and help them be successful in an academic setting. An ESL specialist will contact the student with their placement, which may be into an ESL composition course (ENGS 103 or ENGS 104), ENGL 101 Writing and Rhetoric I Plus (ENGL 101P with companion course ENGL 100 Writing and Rhetoric Plus), ENGL 101, or an invitation to apply for placement into ENGL 102 Writing and Rhetoric II.

Math Placement

The ACT and SAT exam score, that is three years old or less, is used to determine placement of an incoming student into the appropriate mathematics course. An incoming student will need to take the Math Diagnostic to determine placement if the student does not have either ACT or SAT scores or prior college math placement. Review resources for the Math Diagnostic can be found here. The table below indicates the course options for students using the math score on the ACT or SAT. Students who wish to place differently than their ACT or SAT scores indicate in the chart below may also take the Math Diagnostic as an alternate means of placement. The mathematics course which is required for graduation of degree-seeking students is determined by the students’ chosen major.

ACT Math Score SAT Math Score CWI Course Options
≤ 22 ≤ 490 Take the Math Diagnostic1
≥ 23 ≥ 500 MATH 095/MATH 118/MATH 123
≥ 26 ≥ 570 MATH 130/MATH 143/MATH 147/MATH 153
≥ 27 ≥ 640 MATH 144/MATH 160
≥ 29 ≥ 670 MATH 170

Upon completion of this assessment process, the scores and course placement can be evaluated with each student to develop an appropriate first-semester schedule an initial educational plan. This process will be completed by the student and their Student Success Advisor prior to the student's first registration.

College Preparatory Assistance

CWI offers college preparatory assistance for students who need to raise existing skills for successful completion of college-level math and English courses.

  • College Prep Mathematics (MATH 095 ), Math in Modern Society Plus (MATH 122 /MATH 123P ), College Algebra Plus (MATH 142 /MATH 143P ), and Elementary Statistics Plus (MATH 152 /MATH 153P ) are offered to students whose math placement (as determined by their Math Diagnostic score) is below the prerequisite for a course (or courses) necessary for their program.
  • Based on the CWI Write Class Placement exam, students may be placed into a corequisite course (ENGL 100 Writing and Rhetoric Plus ), which offers additional instruction and support for ENGL 101 Writing and Rhetoric I .