Student Affairs

Student Affairs encompasses many aspects of the overall student experience and houses a number of student services including Counseling and Wellness Services, Clubs and Organizations, Hispanic Student Services, Student Conduct, Student Disability Services, Student Engagement, Student Leadership, Student Success Coaching, Testing Services, and Veterans & Military Family Services. If you are looking for support or community, we can help you get connected!

Student Affairs strives to serve and give voice to all students by empowering them through opportunities for self-advocacy, connection, leadership, and mentorship to achieve their individual goals.

We focus on: Development, Engagement, and Inclusion

Office of Student Engagement and Success

Getting involved with clubs and organizations isn't just a way to stay busy at CWI; research at CWI shows that students who are engaged are more likely to stay in college, have a higher GPA, and graduate on their planned timeline. Getting engaged while you are at CWI is a key to a successful college career, and gives you a head start on your future.

The Office of Student Engagement provides ways for students to get involved with the campus community and build connections that will last far beyond their time at CWI. There are also opportunities for students to be heard and represented at Associated Students of the College of Western Idaho (ASCWI) meetings and student forums. All events and activities are designed to support students on their academic journey and enhance their college experience in meaningful and valuable ways.

All students are encouraged to get engaged on campus. This may mean taking a leadership role in student government or a student club, or it may mean investing in your future career by completing a leadership certificate program, connecting with a mentor, or networking with students, faculty, and potential employers at events hosted by CWI. Students are also able to form a new club through an easy process that Student Engagement can assist you with.

Student Engagement staff can be contacted at:

Amber Eubanks | Assistant Director, Student Engagement
Phone: 208.562.2416 | Email:

Student Governance

The Associated Students of the College of Western Idaho (ASCWI) consists of all tuition-paying members of the College of Western Idaho. The purpose of ASCWI includes serving as the “official voice” of the student body by acting as a liaison between the student body and the administration. ASCWI initiatives are driven by the mission to enhance the student experience through developing student activities, providing resources to students, and exemplifying good citizenship. Those engaged with ASCWI have the opportunity to develop leadership skills through student participation in college service activities and civic engagement opportunities.

ASCWI serves as the umbrella for all Registered Clubs and Organizations (RCOs) through its Executive Council and the Senate. All elected and appointed officers of ASCWI must be enrolled in at least six (6) credits and maintain a 3.0 semester and cumulative grade point average (GPA). Officers for RCOs are required to be enrolled in at least one (1) credit and maintain a 2.0 GPA unless stated otherwise by the RCO governing documents.

For more information about these services, please visit the Student Affairs webpage.

Student Conduct

When you applied to become a student at the College of Western Idaho, you chose to become a member of a proud, vibrant, and diverse educational community. Ours is a community built upon the foundational values of excellence, innovation, integrity, caring, respect and a commitment to empowering students to succeed. These principles form the bedrock upon which we seek to develop ourselves and enrich our community, a goal that cannot be achieved without integrity, both in action and intent. We strive to create an environment where inquiry and growth are supported by a shared sense of respect and an implicit responsibility to care for one another. As a member of this community, you have agreed to hold yourself and every member of the College community to a higher set of ideals.

The Student Code of Conduct describes a set of policies designed to reflect our unique culture while ensuring that all who seek knowledge are held to the same standards. This Code is intended to provide a framework upon which we can all rely to reflect and uphold our commitment to procedural fairness, equitable treatment, and a sense of shared accountability. Students are urged to become familiar with what is expected of them, and what they can expect from one another, to ensure that they, as members of our community, have the best possible opportunity for success during their time at the College of Western Idaho. 

Policies, procedures, and processes (grievances, appeals, etc.) are defined within the Student Handbook. It is each student's responsibility to read and understand the CWI Student Handbook.

For more information, please contact the Dean of Students at 208.562.2106.