2020_Computer Science

Program Description

The Engineering program at the College of Western Idaho is designed to help students transfer into, and successfully complete, a baccalaureate engineering degree program at a four-year institution. Coursework covers a variety of subjects including mathematics, natural sciences, physics, engineering sciences, and English. The study of engineering can provide several different career paths for students, including:

  • Chemical Engineering: chemical engineers design processes to change raw materials into economically viable products. They often work in the petroleum, plastics, food, pharmaceutical, and environmental industries. 
  • Civil Engineering: civil engineers are involved in the design of transportation infrastructure, water projects, and the design and construction of structures. 
  • Computer Engineering: computer engineers design, construct, and operate computer systems. 
  • Electrical Engineering: electrical engineers work in energy generation and transmission, communications, control systems, circuit design, and computers. 
  • Mechanical Engineering: mechanical engineers design and develop all types of machines.

This program is designed to result in an Associate of Engineering degree and does not meet the statewide general education requirements of all Idaho public universities. In an engineering program at a four-year institution, the general education requirements are dispersed throughout the four years, allowing for fundamental engineering courses to be taken in the first two years; this degree was designed to better align with those programs. By completing the associate degree requirements as outlined, students will be better prepared to transfer into a four-year baccalaureate engineering program where they will finish any remaining general education requirements. Students are encouraged to consult their intended transfer institution to ensure course selections will meet their program requirements.

Degrees and Certificates