Program Description

The General Studies Associate of Arts (AA) degree offers students the opportunity to develop learning, thinking, and writing skills within a flexible degree designed to prepare them to successfully navigate upper-division work at a transfer institution and develop habits of mind for life-long learning. The program is also appropriate for Career and Technical Education students seeking a flexible associate's degree that focuses on durable skills. In addition to the general education program, students will take at least one General Studies Research and Writing designated course that requires more in-depth study and the application of higher-order thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, and creativity. Students will also complete at least two 200-level courses beyond the general education requirements to promote academic depth and rigor in preparation for advanced studies. The General Studies AA degree culminates in a capstone project that offers students an opportunity to demonstrate their writing and research skills while reflecting on what they have learned and showcasing their accomplishments.

Degrees And Certificates

 NOTE: Prior to 2024-2025, this program was known as Liberal Arts.

 *All requirements for this degree or certificate may be completed fully online.