Software Development

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Program Description

Software development is a broad term for the process of creating software tools in a methodical way. This process can include writing code, preparing requirements and objectives, documenting, and testing. The Software Development program provides a solid foundation in the development of client and server-side applications using .NET, and open-source technologies. A business without a website is rare these days, and every website requires a skilled technician to make it functional. This program emphasizes proven programming principles, critical-thinking skills, and practical experience while preparing students to obtain industry-recognized certifications. Our instructors facilitate the administration of Microsoft Technology Certifications as part of our Microsoft Information Technology Academy program.

Understanding of computer technology, Internet navigation, email, Windows operating system features, and file management is essential for success in the Software Development program. If a student is concerned that their basic computer skills are not competent, it is highly recommended that they speak with the department chair.