Social Work (SOCW)

SOCW 101 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare
(3 Credits, Fall/Spring)

This course focuses on concepts, principles, and processes of social work and social welfare. Students will examine social welfare policies and programs and the need for social services in modern society. This course will serve as an orientation to the practice of social work and includes an experiential learning component. PREREQ: PSYC 101. (2 lecture hours, 3 lab hours, 3 credits)

SOCW 202 Foundations of Social Work
(3 Credits, Fall)

Introduction to generalist social work practice including a history of the profession and an overview of the generalist intervention model with a focus on strengths, engagement, relationship building, exploration of problems, and interviewing. Students will complete a 45-hour service-learning experience in an approved social service organization. PREREQ: SOCW 101. (2 lecture hours, 3 lab hours, 3 credits)

SOCW 293 Social Work Internship
(1-3 Credits, Varies)

Internships allow students to apply learning to real-life career possibilities. Credits are earned through supervised fieldwork specifically related to a student's area of study. An Internship Registration Form must be completed and turned into a One Stop Student Services location before a student may register for an internship course. PREREQ: Permission of department's internship coordinator and submission of a completed Internship Registration Form. (0 lecture hours, 3 lab hours, 1 credits)

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