Program Description

The CWI English program promotes critical habits of mind through the study of composition and diverse works, genres, and points of view in literature. It provides students the opportunity to find their voice on the page as writers and to use language as a way to convey their understanding of the human experience. The Associate of Arts in English degrees prepare students for continued university-level study of English or related disciplines.

The Creative Writing Emphasis prepares students for a bachelor’s degree in creative writing by giving students substantive, intense practice while working with faculty writers. It also provides a practical element rare in the first two years of such a degree: working on the literary magazine Stonecrop or completing a writing-related internship in the community.

The Literature Emphasis provides the breadth necessary to support students who plan to complete a bachelor’s degree in literature. In addition, it uses literature as a way to examine and discuss diversity from a national and global perspective.

Degrees and Certificates

 *All requirements for this degree or certificate may be completed fully online.