Program Description

The Spanish Associate of Arts degree provides a strong foundation in basic language skills and cultural awareness. In today’s growing global economy and in the interconnected world community, language skills are in more demand than ever. A second language can open many doors in a student’s personal and professional life. Whether you’re seeking employment in a specific field such as government, international business, healthcare, law enforcement, or interpreting, or simply looking to make more personal connections with family and friends, the acquisition of a second language can be a great benefit. The Associate of Arts degree in Spanish at the College of Western Idaho will help you accomplish your goals and can set you on the path to bilingual and bicultural education.

Students in this program will complete the general education requirements of all Idaho public universities and begin specialization in the Spanish language and culture. The program is designed to result in an Associate of Arts degree in Spanish. Students will have a strong foundation in basic language skills and be prepared to transfer to another institution with the goal of achieving a bachelor’s degree.

Degrees and Certificates

 *All requirements for this degree or certificate may be completed fully online.