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The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Academic Certificate provides students with the fundamental skills, knowledge, and experience necessary for entry into the field of GIS. Graduates will have a robust understanding of the theoretical basis of GIS, as well as hands-on experience with GIS software and geospatial technologies.   

Geographic information systems (GIS) use computer software to capture, store, manage, manipulate, analyze, and display geospatial data. GIS facilitates visualization of data that may reveal geographic patterns, relationships, and trends not readily apparent with traditional maps or database management systems. Geographic information systems are transforming how we communicate, analyze, and interpret spatial data, and is now one of the fastest-growing fields in the nation. GIS professionals employed in areas such as land use, transportation, utility management, emergency services, natural resource management, environment, demographics, public safety and public health, and market and business location are using GIS to engage diverse communities and build innovative solutions to real-world problems.

This 16-credit online GIS Academic Certificate program provides students and working professionals with the fundamental skills, knowledge, and experience necessary for entry-level positions in the field of GIS. The innovative curriculum design teaches students to identify, analyze, and understand spatial patterns while emphasizing critical thinking, data analysis, and problem-solving. Students will develop and complete both independent and collaborative hands-on GIS projects. This certificate is a great complement to any existing major or can help expand your career opportunities.

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