Program Description

The mission of the Psychology program is to stimulate thought, communication, and collaboration which is informed by psychological science. Students will study the science of human behavior and mental processes. They will also practice critical thinking and scientific inquiry, learn about the ethics of science, and collaborate with faculty and peers as they communicate their developing knowledge and skill. Additional opportunities are available for students to apply their understanding through community engagement, peer mentorship, Psychology Associate positions (work-study or volunteer), internships, clubs, and Psi Beta.

Completion of the Psychology program is designed to result in an Associate of Arts degree and meets the general-education requirements at all Idaho public universities. Students graduate prepared to transfer to Idaho public institutions with a greater understanding of the role psychology plays in informing lives and fostering career development. Ideally, course selection should be coordinated to meet requirements for your intended transfer institution. Students with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology often pursue careers in the helping professions such as human resources, crisis-intervention, psychiatric or mental-health care, childcare, aide to geriatric clients, rehabilitation, or child or social-welfare worker.

Degrees and Certificates

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