STEM Degree Courses

Associate of Science Requirements

CWI requires 25 credits of approved STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) courses for a program of study to qualify as an Associate of Science (AS) degree. The following list notes the courses that, in addition to the Mathematical Ways of Knowing (GEM 3) and Scientific Ways of Knowing (GEM 4) courses, will count as approved STEM courses.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)1

Course Course Title Min Credits
AMET 121DC Circuits and Application5
AMET 231Industrial Robotics5
AMET 236Fluid Power Systems2
BIOL 112Biology II3
BIOL 112LBiology II Lab1
BIOL 113Biology III: Principles of Structure and Function3
BIOL 113LBiology III: Principles of Structure and Function Lab1
BIOL 228Human Anatomy and Physiology II3
BIOL 228LHuman Anatomy and Physiology II Lab1
BIOL 280Pathophysiology4
CHEM 112General Chemistry II3
CHEM 112LGeneral Chemistry II Lab2
CHEM 253Quantitative Analysis3
CHEM 253LQuantitative Analysis Lab2
CHEM 298Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 298LOrganic Chemistry I Lab2
CHEM 299Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 299LOrganic Chemistry II Lab2
CPSC 111Introduction to Python Programming3
CPSC 121Computer Science I4
CPSC 221Computer Science II3
ENGR 210Engineering Mechanics: Statics3
ENGR 220Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics3
ENVI 260General Ecology3
ENVI 260LGeneral Ecology Lab1
ENVI 280LField Biology3
EXHS 243Applied Kinesiology3
FERM 110Grapes and Hops: Specialty Crops3
GEOS 208Hydrology and Water Resources4
GEOS 275Field Geology4
GIS 126Fundamentals of GIS3
GIS 226Spatial Analysis With GIS3
GIS 240Python Scripting for GIS3
MATH 175Calculus II4
MATH 176Discrete Mathematics4
MATH 230Introduction to Linear Algebra3
MATH 275Calculus III4
MMBS 260Introduction to Cell Biology3
MMBS 260LIntroduction to Cell Biology Lab1
MMBS 280Genetics3
MMBS 280LGenetics Lab1
NURS 100Fundamentals of Nursing and Health Assessment3
NURS 103Nursing and Health Assessment Skills Lab/Clinical3
NURS 106Basic Pharmacology for Nursing3
NURS 201Nursing Specialties Clinical2
NURS 203Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing Lab/Clinical4
PHYS 212Physics for Scientists and Engineers II4
PHYS 212LPhysics for Scientists and Engineers II Lab1
SCIE 200Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP)1
SMT 200Programming for Semiconductor Manufacturing2
SMT 210Nanofabrication I2
SMT 220Quality Control and Statistical Processing3
SMT 260Nanofabrication II2
SWDV 105Introduction to Programming4

Up to 15 additional credits of STEM courses may be required beyond the general education requirement for an AS degree.