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Are you interested in learning what it takes to become a leader in the fire and emergency services field? The College of Western Idaho’s Fire Service Management program’s curriculum is based on National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards and International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) certified program requirements. The local fire department trainers and command staff who assisted in the development of the curriculum will also provide some of the instruction. 

Students can choose to apply for the Basic Technical Certificate or Associate of Arts degree based upon their career interests. Please refer to the applicable degree or certificate page for specific course requirements.

  • The Basic Technical Certificate enables present and future leaders in the fire and emergency services to plan a systematic program of development for their professional service career. This certificate is ideal for those students who have already earned a degree and/or are not interested in the two-year degree option. This certificate places an extraordinary emphasis on leadership competencies through the completion of two fire officer training courses, as well as an elective course chosen from a defined list developed by the local fire department's executive leadership teams for officer development.
  • The Associate of Arts degree prepares students for a dynamic career as a fire company officer. Emphasis is placed on both the administrative and academic skills required for a successful career in the fire service.  

The CWI Fire Service Management program is competitive entry; it requires a separate application and has several prerequisites that must be met prior to acceptance. For further details regarding these prerequisites and to access the Fire Service Management program application, please see the program web page. Information regarding special course fees can also be found on the program web page.

Note: Registrations for Fire Service courses are restricted to students within the major.

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