Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing

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Program Description

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing field that emphasizes being able to use massive amounts of data to predict activities and tendencies. In the business environment, AI analysis and design are transforming the way products make their way to the market, and even the market itself. In cybersecurity, AI is being used to protect governmental, educational, and business institutions against increasingly dangerous attacks by both foreign and domestic adversaries.  This program emphasizes cloud-based and on-premises development and utilization of tools based on AI. It also encompasses the ethical ramifications of the use of AI in these domains. The goal of this program is to prepare technicians to create and use local and cloud-based Artificial Intelligence tools to ethically analyze large amounts of data and create meaningful proposals in business and cybersecurity environments.  

A basic understanding of computer operating systems and file management is important for success in this program, and an enjoyment of mathematical procedures and applications is vital.

Note: Registrations for Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing courses are restricted to students within the major; however, non-majors may be able to register for first-semester courses with instructor permission when space is available.

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