Marketing Communications

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Program Description

The field of marketing communications studies how to create, construct, communicate, and supply value to customers in ways that meet the goals of an organization while applying modern digital trends in the marketplace. CWI's Marketing Communications program offers a wide range of marketing and business courses including marketing, communications, advertising, management, financial analysis, accounting, and business plan development. This intense classroom study is supplemented with real-world projects for companies in the community. If students choose to complete the Associate of Applied Science or Advanced Technical Certificate option, they will have the opportunity to build a personal portfolio of their work and apply their skills and knowledge during a semester-long internship. 

The Digital Marketing Basic Technical Certificate (BTC) provides an additional short-term option for students interested in the field of marketing. The BTC focuses on creating, constructing, communicating, and supplying value to customers in ways that meet the goals of the organization and modern digital trends in the marketplace. Within this certificate, students will focus on gaining hands-on skills in creating web-based tools for reaching customers in a modern marketplace.

Note: If you are planning on seeking a four-year degree (or greater) in Marketing Communications, please refer to the Associate of Arts in Business degree.

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