Accounting (ACCT)

ACCT 199 Accounting Special Topics
(1-5 Credits, Varies)

This course is designed to permit the offering of special topics appropriate to a student's program. Regular or frequently recurring topics are not offered under this title. The course may be repeated as new topics are presented. (1 lecture hours, 0 lab hours, 1 credits)

ACCT 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
(3 Credits, Fall/Spring/Summer)

This course introduces financial accounting in preparation for more advanced business topics within the business major. Recording financial information in a standard format allows managers, investors, lenders, stakeholders, and regulators to make appropriate decisions regarding their respective interests. In this course, the formats of focus will be identified as the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and Statement of Retained Earnings Equity. Students will learn how to compile and analyze these financial statements, determine the value of a firm, and compare the firm to its competitors. PREREQ: Placement into MATH 153. (3 lecture hours, 0 lab hours, 3 credits)

ACCT 202 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
(3 Credits, Fall/Spring/Summer)

This is an introduction to cost accounting principles and the use of such information in making business decisions. The course covers job order and process costing, cost-volume-profit behavior, standard costs, flexible budgets, decentralization, relevant costs, and capital budgeting. The emphasis of the course is in the use and analysis of the accounting information, rather than in the preparation of specialized cost accounting reports. In order to pass this class, you must pass the Quickbooks Certified User exam. PREREQ: ACCT 201. (3 lecture hours, 0 lab hours, 3 credits)

ACCT 250 Income Tax Fundamentals
(3 Credits, Fall)

This is an introductory course in the study of individual income taxation and the preparation of the Form 1040. This course covers filing status, exemptions, gross income and exclusions, business expenses and retirement plans, employee business expenses, itemized deductions, tax credits, and general administration of the tax laws. Students will also prepare several tax returns using professional software. (3 lecture hours, 0 lab hours, 3 credits)

ACCT 251 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
(1 Credit, Spring)

Learn basic income tax preparation fundamentals and apply the knowledge in a volunteer income tax assistance service center located on campus. The initial portion of the class will review basic income tax fundamentals. Upon successful completion of IRS exams, course participants will assist fellow students and community members in the preparation of individual, federal, and state income tax returns. PREREQ: ACCT 250 or PERM/INST. (0 lecture hours, 2 lab hours, 1 credits)

ACCT 290 Foundations of the Accounting Profession
(3 Credits, Summer)

Students will complete a comprehensive project providing hands-on experience with all of the procedural details involved in the accounting cycle. The project will include evaluating financial information, data entry in an accounting system, and preparation of financial statements that are in conformity with GAAP. Accounting internal control concepts important to the reliability of any accounting system will also be taught. Students will complete a project in an accounting information system software. Additional topical coverage will include ethics cases, professional judgment, career exploration, and identifying professional certifications within the accounting industry. PREREQ: ACCT 201. (3 lecture hours, 0 lab hours, 3 credits)

ACCT 293 Accounting Internship
(1-3 Credits, Varies)

Internships allow students to apply learning to real-life career possibilities. Credits are earned through supervised fieldwork specifically related to a student's area of study. An Internship Registration Form must be completed and turned into a One Stop Student Services location before a student may register for an internship course. PREREQ: Permission of department's internship coordinator and submission of a completed Internship Registration Form. (0 lecture hours, 3 lab hours, 1 credits)

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