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Pursuing a Secondary Education degree from CWI will give you the opportunity to choose from a number of distinct focus areas that can prepare you for a variety of careers and advanced degrees. With associate degrees offered in Secondary Education – Social Science or Secondary Education STEM, you can focus your studies in an area of the discipline that interests you. 

CWI is excited to help future secondary teachers prepare for teacher certification in the state of Idaho by providing the first two years of a bachelor’s degree. We work closely with our local four-year partners and offer an associate degree that can be customized to match the requirements of the secondary education certification that best meets your educational needs. Coursework in the Teacher Education Program includes foundations in education, social systems and diversity, exceptionality in the schools, and educational technology. Throughout the program, students have the opportunity to observe teachers in local middle, junior high, and high schools to see firsthand the skills, knowledge, and attitudes taught in the coursework. The program concludes with a capstone class that aids students in building an evidence-based e-portfolio that highlights their work and helps prepare them for admission into a four-year college or university.

Completion of the program is designed to result in an associate degree and meets the general-education requirements at all Idaho public universities. Course selection should be coordinated to meet requirements for your intended transfer institution (if known).

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