Transfer and Articulation

Transfer from CWI

CWI offers courses and programs designed to transfer to four-year colleges and universities. A student who plans to transfer should consult with a CWI advisor and make early contact with a representative from the institution to which they intend to transfer. It is also recommended that students consult the catalog of the transfer institution to see which courses will be required to fulfill graduation requirements.

Note: Any CWI course with a number below 100 is considered below a college freshman level and will not be accepted for transfer credit.

Transfer within Idaho

CWI has transfer articulation agreements with all Idaho public colleges and universities, ensuring that students who receive an Associate of Arts (AA) or an Associate of Science (AS) degree may transfer their degree to any public four-year school in Idaho. Students who receive an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree may transfer a minimum of 15 credits to all in-state public higher education institutions.

Students who complete requirements for the AA or AS degree will be considered as satisfying the General Education requirement upon transfer to a four-year public institution in Idaho and will not be required to complete any additional general education requirements.

Students who have completed the 36-credit General Education program without an AA or AS degree upon transfer to another Idaho public post-secondary institution will not be required to complete additional general education requirements at the receiving institution.

Transfer Outside of Idaho

CWI also has articulation agreements with other Idaho and out-of-state institutions. For more information, please contact One Stop Student Services at 208.562.3000 or visit the Transfer Information web page.

Idaho General Education Matriculation (GEM)

All public, post-secondary institutions in Idaho recognize the articulation of General Education Matriculation (GEM) courses, identified within Written and Oral Communication and Ways of Knowing categories of the general education framework. If a student has completed GEM courses but has not completed the entire General Education framework or an AA or AS degree, those GEM courses will satisfy the associated GEM course requirement at the receiving institution. This policy applies to general education, lower-division requirements only. It does not categorically apply to specialized course requirements within the major, e.g., engineering, pharmacy, business, etc. Any student majoring in a degree program who plans to transfer specialized courses should consult with their advisor and make early contact with a representative from the institution to which they intend to transfer.

Transfer to CWI

CWI relies on the following accrediting associations' standards to evaluate and accept academic college-level credits and grades earned by transfer students:

Transfer students who have completed coursework but who have not earned a degree or completed the general education core should submit official transcripts for a course-by-course evaluation. Transfer students who have earned an Associate degree or higher or who have completed the general education core from any institution accredited by the above associations will be considered core certified, and will not be required to take additional lower-division general education core courses. Transfer students must provide official transcripts that show the degree earned or the completion of general education core from the transferring institution.

Please note that once courses taken at another institution have been evaluated and added to a transfer student's record by the CWI Registrar's Office, they cannot be removed or revoked.

IMPORTANT: Transfer students must complete at least twenty percent (20%) of required credits for a certificate or degree at CWI.