Film Studies (FILM)

FILM 110 Introduction to Film Studies
(3 Credits, Fall/Spring)

Examination of the historical, cultural, aesthetic, and formal aspects of film as a unique art form. Students will develop analytical and evaluative skills in order to understand and articulate how film is produced and received by audiences. (This CWI course meets Idaho State Board of Education GEM competency requirements for GEM 5 - Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing.). (3 lecture hours, 0 lab hours, 3 credits)

FILM 121 Movies Around the World
(3 Credits, Spring)

This course will explore a theme (such as heroism, the family, or immigration) from both Western and Non-Western perspectives. Films will provide a broad range of connections and contexts, as students develop cross-cultural appreciation, self-awareness, and social responsibility. (This CWI course meets the institutional competency requirements in Global Perspectives.). (3 lecture hours, 0 lab hours, 3 credits)

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