Theatre Arts (THEA)

THEA 101 Theatre Appreciation
(3 Credits, Fall/Spring/Summer)

A survey course designed to stimulate an appreciation of theatre. Students will be introduced to the study of theatre as an art form, backstage elements, and important periods and plays in learning about the development of the theatre. Filmed productions, slides, lectures, and discussions will focus on the unique world of the stage. (This CWI course meets Idaho State Board of Education GEM competency requirements for GEM 5 - Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing.). (3 lecture hours, 0 lab hours, 3 credits)

THEA 111 Acting I
(3 Credits, Varies)

This course introduces students to theatrical acting techniques and methods used in individual and group performances. The class focuses on teaching use of the body, voice, and mind, as well as script analysis in preparation of a monologue and a scene. (3 lecture hours, 0 lab hours, 3 credits)

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