Program Description

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Management is designed for students who have leadership experience through military service or organizational work experience. Graduates will be able to continue their education and earn a Bachelor of Applied Science if they choose, or use their credential to lead various organizations.   

The field of management investigates how to manage and lead teams to achieve the mission of the organization. Managers use resources effectively to resolve issues and develop solutions to help their organization reach its goals. CWI's Management program offers a broad foundation of communication, psychology, and business courses along with internship opportunities that include real-world projects in the community. If students choose to complete an AAS in Management, they will have the opportunity to build a personal portfolio and apply their knowledge during an internship.  

Note: The Management AAS degree will transfer to a Bachelor of Applied Science program. If you desire to earn a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree, then an Associate of Arts in Business, Sociology, or General Studies should be considered as an alternative option. 

Degrees And Certificates