Advising Services

Navigating your way through college can be confusing, especially if you try to go it alone. At the College of Western Idaho (CWI), we are committed to helping make sense of your educational journey with advising and career opportunities offered by Student Advising and Success.

What is advising?

Academic advising is a resource to help you navigate your college experience, understand program and course options, connect to campus resources and activities, and identify, develop, and implement plans to successfully achieve your academic or career goals.

Student Success Advisors (SSAs) should be considered the students’ first source for academic help. An SSA assists students in several different areas, including:

  • Understanding advising and registration tools
  • Understanding graduation requirements
  • Developing an academic plan
  • Assisting in career or major exploration
  • Assisting in the preparation for a professional program (nursing, OTA, etc.)
  • Planning and scheduling the next semester’s schedule
  • Developing a transfer plan or assisting in career preparation
  • Identifying campus resources and support services 

Advising Options

CWI students are provided with different advising options depending on their program of study:

  • All degree-seeking CWI students will be assigned a Student Success Advisor (SSA) within 3-5 business days of their admission. SSAs are assigned based on the student's intended major. Students can work with their SSA for career exploration, degree planning, career planning, registration, and discussing strategies to be successful. SSAs also help with transfer planning for students who wish to transfer to four-year colleges and with career preparation for students who plan to enter the workforce after attending and/or graduating from CWI. 
  • Non-degree seeking students can request to be assigned to an SSA by email at Students will be assigned to an appropriate SSA based on their academic and career goals. Students who need registration assistance can visit any One Stop Student Services location or call 208.562.3000. 

For more information regarding advising options and the list of Student Success Advisors, please visit the Advising Services web page. 

First-Semester Required Advising

Matriculated degree-seeking students are required to meet with their assigned Student Success Advisor (SSA) within their first semester to create an academic plan. The purpose of the required advising meeting is to allow students to meet with their SSA, understand academic expectations and degree requirements, and discover more ways to meet their educational or career goals while at CWI. To ensure that students are meeting with their advisor, an advising hold is placed during their first semester preventing the registration of the following semester.

Together, degree-seeking students will work with their Student Success Advisor to create a plan which matches the student’s educational and career goals. In doing so, this reduces the risk of students taking more classes than are needed for their degree, potentially saving time and money.

Students will be able to see their plan in the Student Planning section of myCWI. With a plan available, students can view which courses apply toward their goals on-demand.

Credit Enrollment Limits

Every student has a unique set of circumstances: academic preparation, skills and abilities, drive and self-motivation, family and work responsibilities, etc. The number of credits a student should enroll in depends on many of these factors as well as on the type and level of difficulty of classes in which they intend to enroll. For some students, 15 credits could be considered a full load, while others may be able to successfully complete more credits a semester. Registering for too many credits may result in lower performance.

  • Students who want to register for more than 20 credits during a fall or spring semester will need the approval of their SSA.
  • Students who want to register for more than 10 credits in the summer term will need the approval of their SSA.