Administrative Specialist

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Program Description

The Administrative Specialist program develops students into business support professionals who are empowered to better their lives and to add value to employers and communities. They gain the skills needed to improve business efficiencies and customer relationships. Students will be prepared to perform complex duties by applying current technology in their careers.

Reliance on technology continues to expand in the office, creating an ever-changing role for office professionals. The Administrative Specialist program provides students opportunities to obtain Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications. These certifications will have a strong impact on students in the job seeking/obtainment process by allowing them to showcase these certifications.

Students can also earn Basic Technical Certificates focused on specific skills that will be beneficial as a business support professional. These include business technology, business writing, and office management. Courses required for these certificates are included within the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, however, the certificates may be earned independently if desired.

Degree with Emphasis

In addition to the foundational and specialized courses within the Administrative Specialist program, students will select business electives from the following emphasis areas: Bookkeeping and Accounting, Marketing Communications, and Medical Administrative Support. If all of the required business electives from one emphasis area are completed, students will receive an AAS degree with either a Bookkeeping and Accounting Emphasis, a Marketing Communications Emphasis, or a Medical Administrative Support Emphasis.

The Bookkeeping and Accounting Emphasis prepares students by enhancing the knowledge and skills of individuals who are seeking or are currently employed in accounting-related positions. The Marketing Communications Emphasis offers a wide range of business topics including business concepts, promotion, selling, and management. The Medical Administrative Support Emphasis is designed to develop important career skills such as medical records management, human relations, medical office procedures, hospital admission procedures, and conflict resolution.

ADVISING NOTE: In order to receive a degree with the chosen emphasis listed, please be sure to select the appropriate major when you apply for graduation.

Degree without Emphasis

Alternatively, students may choose to complete AAS degree requirements by selecting business electives from any of the three emphases, resulting in a broad educational experience.

Note: Emphasis designation is for the AAS degree only. Please speak with the Student Success Advisor for this program to obtain additional information regarding the emphasis options.

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