Finance (FINA)

FINA 102 Personal Finance
(3 Credits, Varies)

This is an introductory course highlighting personal financial planning. It will include financial goal setting, budgeting, tax planning, housing and transportation expenses, consumer credit, insurance protection, retirement planning, and investing. Projects encourage students to apply course concepts to their own situations. (3 lecture hours, 0 lab hours, 3 credits)

FINA 109 Personal Finance and Business Math
(3 Credits, Fall/Spring/Summer)

Introduction to the mathematical concepts and applications common to business, as well as personal finance concepts needed to become a more informed consumer. Students will gain an understanding of how to assess their personal financial position and develop successful financial habits. PREREQ: MATH 085 or satisfactory placement score. (This CWI course meets Idaho State Board of Education GEM competency requirements for GEM 3 - Mathematical Ways of Knowing.). (3 lecture hours, 0 lab hours, 3 credits)

FINA 209 Fundamentals of Investing
(3 Credits, Varies)

This course introduces students to stock market investing including security market operations, common and preferred stocks, bonds, derivatives, mutual funds, and portfolio management. A framework is created for students to assess and monitor investments. PREREQ: Placement into MATH 143. (3 lecture hours, 0 lab hours, 3 credits)

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