Network and System Administration

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Program Description

Information technologies have a significant presence in all areas of business today. IT jobs are consistently in high demand, and continued growth is projected for the future. Employment prospects are best for individuals who are up to date with the latest skills and technologies; certifications and practical experience are essential for individuals entering the IT field. The Network and System Administration program is designed to provide a solid foundation in networking skills and addresses the need for IT professionals with a comprehensive understanding of client and server operating systems. Graduates are ready for an exciting future in the IT industry. The Network and System Administration program prepares students for industry certification, which validates technical skills to employers.

Understanding of computer technology, Internet navigation, email, Windows operating system features, and file management is essential for success. If a student is concerned that their basic computer skills are not competent, it is highly recommended that they speak with the department chair. Due to the rapid technology changes in the IT field, courses must have been completed within the past five years to be applied to graduation requirements.

Modern businesses are increasingly moving away from building and maintaining networks that are on their premises. As cloud options become more viable and cost-effective, companies of all sizes are utilizing the advantages of cloud solutions to grow and maintain their businesses and compete in fast-moving commerce.

The Cloud Computing Specialized Certificate (SC) is designed to enhance the student's knowledge of cloud concepts, cloud design, and deployment strategies used in today's modern business environment. This program is CompTIA and Microsoft-based starting with the basic curriculum to obtain the industry-neutral Cloud+ certification and then moving to Azure and Office 365 concepts.

This certificate is intended for graduates of our Network and System Administration program who have previously earned an Associate of Applied Science degree but exceptions may be considered by the department chair for IT professionals who wish to develop their skills in the area of cloud computing. 

Note: Registrations for Network and System Administration courses are restricted to students within the major.

 *All requirements for this degree or certificate may be completed fully online.